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What podcast forums are discussing

Soon after the birth of the podcast, there was the introduction of the podcasting forum: on line discussion groups where podcasters could interact and discuss topics pertinent to their podcasts.

Topics could range from something simple such as 'how to get more listeners for my podcast' to 'how introducing an interview element could improve my podcast'.

What's good about podcasting forums is that it is packed with people who have been there and done that and can therefore help you with your problems. It is also a very good place for people with new ideas to pitch them to a wider podcasting community who can provide you with invaluable feedback.

Here is a list of podcasting forums you could join if you are looking for help.

Here are the top six discussions on podcasting forums found on line:

1.) How to get more listeners

This is a pertinent question that is posted by intrepid podcasters throughout the on line podcasting community.

One particular podcast discussion forum on line has more than eleven thousand views which shows how many people are interested or require advice on something so fundamental.

Answers to that range from making advertisements which vary from a simple image to an audio or video piece that entices a listener to a YouTube video or a Torrent cast where one downloads a torrent file to a particular podcast.

One particular uploader on the Podcast Pickle was able to get 17,000 downloads using the Torrent cast method, with individual downloads getting anywhere from 500 to 1,000 downloads.

2.) Invitations for a co-podcaster

Many podcasts that are looking to expand usually look for a co-host or a guest podcaster in order to add variety and more opinions to their podcast.

A second/another podcaster keeps podcasts fresh and the presence of that person helps in roping in more listeners and also allows you to discuss your ideas with another person.

The presence of company when your pod is being aired also gives you more confidence and someone to pick you up when you do get nervous.

There are several posts on the Podcast Pickle Forum relating to the availability of guest podders and those who have commonality of interests are invited to join others who own podcasts.

3.) Podcast Hosting

Many people who create podcasts are just laymen like you and me and look to podcasting as a method of getting their opinions out there. They - like you and me - are not quite flush with money.

While podcasts do spread awareness and foment opinion about a particular topic, they do not directly generate funds and require a place to be uploaded i.e. a host. But the presence of on line space to host your podcast is not always free. That requires a fair bit of cash to rent.

That does not, however, mean that there are not free sites on the web that do provide hosting services.

One such discussion on the Apple Podcasting Community lists sites that provide hosting services and also discusses how to alert the subscribers of the podcast when you have changed from one host to another. Detailed instructions provided.

There are also a few posts on the Digital Podcast Community Network that deal with the same issue, with new hosting companies voluntarily offering to host your pod.

The best part about being in one of these communities is that you get to pick from a variety of hosts to suit your needs and budget. People who recommend these hosts have used them before.

Companies also offer podcasters hosting space in exchange for the podder using their name in podcasts.

4.) RSS Feeds and subscription issues

To subscribe to a podcast requires the presence of an RSS Feed.

Simply put, an RSS feed is a piece of software that tells your computer where the next episode of your podcast is coming from.

While there are several sites on line that do allow you to auto-generate RSS scripts, those who are skilled in writing code prefer to write their own. Those that choose to create scripts on line are usually provided help by other podcasters. Moreover, companies themselves come forward an offer the availability of scripts to people.

Those who make their own feeds can also be helped if there are scripting errors.

Many people who use GarageBand on the Mac and subscribe to podcasts via iTunes suffer from a myriad number of technical glitches that may not always be their fault.

While some podcasters face issues with the uploading and availability of podcasts (both theirs and others), others experience iTunes-centric issues over downloading podcasts via iTunes.

When you don't see your podcast in the right place, you will obviously be worried because you have done everything right at your end. Airing your question on line gives you reassurance is it shows you that there are other people in your shoes as well.

5.) Hints and tips on podcasting

It always helps to strive to make your podcast better.

Several companies offer free music to podcasters as they know that music will get free exposure and publicity on the internet. In addition, people who have to pay license fees to use commercial music will not want to pay that fee time and time again. The end result is that their podcast - if it uses music - will suffer.

Whereas Digital Podcast has an entire section dedicated to just new ideas that people can use to improve their respective podcasts.

Podcasting News is one of the best places to obtain the latest developments in podcasting and provides you with great ideas on how to improve your podcast. The Podcast News Blog contains regular updates on the goings-on in the podcasting world, while the site also has a forum dedicated to just news and ideas.

Being part of these forums means you can cotton on to other people's ideas and use them on your own pods and also discover and air new ideas.

Plus, free stuff!

6.) Podcasting Gear and Equipment

Most podcasters operate on a limited budget because as mentioned above, they are laymen like you and me.

Operating within your means is therefore very important. Some people have a simple computer and microphone set up while others have more sophisticated blow out.

The Podcasting News Discussion Forum and the Digital Podcast Forum both have independent sections for podcast production rigs (the jargon for your standard studio) where people can post details about their own set up and take a look at what others are doing.

Better still, podcast discussion forums offer you the opportunity to ask your peers whether investing in a particular piece of equipment is the right way to go forward. That can be very important when you are operating on a budget since you don't want to end up buying the wrong thing.

People on these sites have been there and done that and will therefore be the best individuals to advise you on your purchases.

I hope this helps.

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