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Five Podcast Sites you Have to be on

Whether you are a newbie in the world of podcasting (thank you Dr. Cox for that wonderful term) or a seasoned pro who has been communicating via the web for a long time now, there are several invaluable sites out there that will provide you with an immense amount of priceless advice that you can use to take your podcast further.

Listed below are five sites that I found tremendously useful while surfing the web for advice:

1.) The Apple iTunes podcast site: 

The grand daddy of all podcast forums. The name 'podcast' is derived from the portmanteau of iPod and broadcast. Originally starting out as episodes just for the iPod, podcasts can be created by virtually anyone.

The Apple podcast site provides very valuable hints and tips about how to make a podcast. It also provides you other podcasts to learn from and a series of tutorial videos that you can access to learn about making a podcast.

It also advises you on how to get more listeners, what elements to add to it and is very simple to use and follow. In addition, it teaches you how to use iTunes to subscribe to the latest (and the best) podcasts, the elements of which you can use in your own.

2.) Our Media dot com

Our Media is a non-profit website that was begun by a group of professionals looking to spread grass roots creativity through any medium.

It works in collaboration with the Internet Archive, another not-for-profit online storehouse of books, music movies and more than 250 billion web pages. In association with Creative Commons and Out Think Media, it also provides free bandwidth to video creators and podcasters.

In 2005, Our Media began to develop and host permanent space for people and organisations to upload podcasts and also provided free podcasting tools. 

You can upload your work there for storage purposes and/or for others to see. 

Better still, the site contains a Learning Center which provides you with information on how to make your videos and podcasts better. The site also regularly interacts with experts in the field of broadcasting, thereby giving you very valuable information on how to make your work better.

3.) The Podcast Alley


The Podcast Alley contains the best ten podcasts, as voted for by the listeners.In addition, you can add your own podcast to the list of already extant podcasts.

In addition, it contains an extensive directory of podcasts from all over the world.

It's currently run by just one man, Chris McIntyre, but the 26-year-old is looking for people to help him out and can be reached at

The Alley also contains podcast discussion forums, a blog which tells you about the latest advancements in podcasting and upcoming Podcamps - which are conferences on podcasting - and also contains information on how to improve one's podcasts.

You can also find a bunch of software related to podcasting.

4.) Podcasting Tools: Resources for Podcasting

Podcasting Tools is the "comprehensive podcasting resource detailing everything you need to know about podcasting."

It contains information on how to start your own podcast, bring in greater numbers of listeners and improve the quality of them.

It also has an exhaustive list of articles that detail how to go about one's podcasts, software to enhance your podcasts, and several other tools including RSS Validators, Discussion Forums, an excellent podcast directory, feeds that you can subscribe to, tips on time management in podcasting, conferences you can attend to learn more about podcasting and a list of other sites you can go to to improve your pod further, not to mention a podcast blog.

5.) Podcast Awards


Started by Adam Curry, the original Podfather, the Podcast Awards comes up with the best podcasts sorted through several genres and categories.

People are allowed to vote on podcasts they have liked and listened to among the podcasts that have been submitted for consideration. Podcasts that win are also given prizes. The site works solely on donations and is now in its eighth year.

People can subscribe to podcasts they like through either RSS feeds or URLs. There are, of course, rules that one has to follow to admit their podcasts for selection.

Due to the nature of the site, it has a very extensive list of conveniently organised podcasts for you to listen and subscribe to.

These sites have helped me as I take my first steps into podcasting, and I hope they can do the same for you.

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