Thursday, 14 March 2013

"I hope I can keep making more videos and entertain everybody" - an engineer's happiness through videography

I have another guest writer today. Bilal Rizvi is an engineer by profession, but while that is what he is studying to become, his passion is films. Read on.

Hi everyone!

My name is Syed Bilal Haider Rizvi. I am from the ‘City of Nawabs’, Lucknow, India. I was born and brought up in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

I am currently doing my engineering course in Electronics and Communications from Waljat College of Applied Science in Muscat, Oman, which is affiliated to Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi. I am in the final semester of my course and am hoping to work soon and then go for my higher studies.

Video making is one of my hobbies, along with many more. I started making videos when I got my first mobile camera phone, a Sony Ericsson W880i, when I was in the eleventh grade in school. I used to capture random things around me like friends having a good laugh at school or just me goofing around with my friends.

Soon, I started making simple videos on Windows Movie Maker using those videos by adding a background song and started exploring the different effects I could use. I used to make simple videos with just a friend or my three brothers.

Those were the early days.

Soon after joining university, I started using better software for video editing, which presented a whole new and better arsenal of tools for editing which allowed me to expand my imagination and try to implement it. Whenever I get a new video idea I just imagine the whole thing in my head and try to capture it in a video. And then I add a few effects for better presentation.

But I mostly try to rely on the idea of the video rather than effects of editing.

In my second semester, I made a video on college life from my experiences. It was liked by many. Then I also dedicated videos for my friends on occasions such as their birthdays. Then came the time I tried to make a short film. I personally thought it was just alright.

My inexperience showed in the whole film but people encouraged me. Then, during my vacations when I visited Dammam I made a stop motion video titled ‘Jimi’s Day out’ on YouTube with my best friend Jameel (a.k.a Jimi) which was by far my best video.

In the meantime, other students in college started asking me to make videos for their friends on their birthdays or on farewells and soon, my professors started asking me to make small videos for events in college.

In my third year, my friends, who were in their final year were about to complete their studies and I wanted to dedicate a farewell video to them. During that time, there was a Film Making Competition held in our college. So I used it to dedicate a short film to my friends, showing the emotions final year students feel when they start college and how they miss it.

That idea was combined with some college humour. The video was played in the auditorium and I felt great when people enjoyed it on the big screen. I won Best Film and Best Director for ‘Days gone by’, the name of the short film.

So that was me sharing my hobby with all of you readers. I hope I can keep making more videos and entertain everybody.

I hope y'all liked what Bilal had to say. He just goes to show that anybody can be happy just doing what they like doing.

Until Next Time,


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