Sunday, 5 January 2014

No place for emotions in medicine, says doctor

A qualified doctor has said that while taking a medical decision, doctors cannot allow emotions to cloud their judgement.

"When you're taking charge of somebody's life, when you have to make a very difficult decision for somebody, you've studied, you know the theory, you know what you have to do," says Dr. Apollina Sharma, who spent the last year completing her medical internship.

Centre: Dr. Apollina Sharma. Reproduced with permission
"When you're in that particular position, you know what you have to do and if you're going to get emotional, you're going to waver [over] your decision," she explains. "If you're taking that responsibility, you have to be practical about it."

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"It's not that a doctor doesn't feel when something happens, of course you feel, but at that particular moment you have to be strong and you have to make that practical decision. That's what's the important part, that you make the correct decision at the correct time."

"You can't get emotional, you can't follow whatever your head is thinking emotionally because you'll never be able to make a correct decision that quickly and the patient could deteriorate and you don't want that," she finishes.

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