Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Mind over matter, says fitness trainer

Nandana Dissanayake, Fitness Trainer, Al-Falaj Hotel Gym
A veteran fitness trainer with over fifteen years of experience in his field has said that it is important to be mentally strong if one is to develop a physically fit body.

"If you want a strong body, [it] means hard work is [involved]," says Nandana Dissanayake, a fitness trainer at the Al Falaj Gym in the Sultanate of Oman.

"You need [a] strong mind, too, because with hard training you have to feel - always, just not do it (for the sake of doing) - you have to feel your exercise, too."

"When you feel your exercises, always challenge yourself," he explains. "Just challenge a little bit more, there's always hard-earned pain there. If you [have to] take that pain, you need a little bit strong mind. 

That is always there, but with positive thinking, you can [achieve that]."

"You should know your purpose of coming to the gym, you should know your goal," he says

"People will always talk [about you], but if you can explain to him 'these are my goals', some people will advise you.

"People can talk. You know your purpose, carry on," he says.

Training with a partner

He also recommends training with a partner. "[If] somebody is staying with you, [the] motivation is there. Somebody is always there to motivate you and spot you" says the 40-year-old. "Always at some stage, it is helpful for your mind too."

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Nandana, who is a certified trainer from the International Sports Sciences Association of the United States, is of the opinion that people who go to the gym have to leave their attitude at home.

"Inside the gym, the friendship, you have to maintain," says the Sri Lankan. "So accordingly, you can share your techniques, you can share your methods, you can share your programs. Their techniques and methods, you can take.

"Always, you have to be friendly in the gym. When coming to a public place, you have to be friendly," he finishes. 

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